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He was born of both Irish and Italian descent, with his father being Irish, and his mother Italian. He began fighting professionally around late in the Oakland, California area, and won all but two of his first nine fights in the following year, primarily in short four and six round bouts.

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Ritchie was one of the most accomplished opponents Reagan would met in his early career and would hold the World Lightweight Title from to He met Monte Perte de poids ogden utah for the first time on November 30, in an important fifteen-round draw at the Dreamland Pavilion in Oakland. According to the Oakland Tribune, "Reagan led in every one of the twelve rounds with Walsh and was entitled to the verdict," though admitting the "title was a very close one.

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Walsh was considered to have a more clever boxing form and finesse, particularly in the early rounds, but Reagan was the aggressor, delivering more blows, and taking the initiative in the final rounds. In the first six rounds the fighting was quite close, with Attell down four times in the early rounds.

Reagan was down twice in the eighth, once for a nine count.

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Reagan knocked down Attell with a right to the jaw just as the bell sounded ending the sixth round, but Attell recovered, though dazed by the blow. According to the Oakland Tribune, Attell took every round from the eighth through the twentieth.

The bout was billed as the pound World Bantamweight championship. Reagan was able to hold his title for only one month.

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Perhaps if he had the opportunity to meet perte de poids ogden utah less skilled and dominant than Monte Attell, he would have held the title far longer, but Attell was a local boxer and would not be denied his chance.

The fight was billed as an "Inter-Mountain Featherweight Championship", though Sinclair was not a featherweight of great national prominence. Sinclair's training at Willard Bean's Gymnasium included pulley work, a form of strength training, shadow boxing, club swinging, and rope dancing.

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Apparently Reagan was accurate in his belief that he had an edge in the match. A very large crowd was expected to attend the bout. The original call was a knockout by Reagan, but upon closer examination, the Referee Tom Painter ruled that Reagan had hit McGovern below the belt.

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After consulting with three physicians who examined McGovern, Painter made the binding ruling and awarded the bout to McGovern, reversing the rule of a knockout by Reagan. A crowd of witnessed the vigorous bout that saw Reagan dominating in every round.

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McGovern was counted out after he had laid down after the final blow. The bout was to have been for the Inter-Mountain Featherweight Championship. Reagan took a "terrific beating" and was knocked down four times prior to the thirteenth round when he was knocked down twice more by Rivers before the fight was called by Referee Eyeton.

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The referee was Charles Eyton. He would fight many of the top feather and lightweight boxers in the country. Reagan was having trouble making the pound limit for the bout.

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Nevertheless, he won the bout in the fifth round on points. Germaine was losing throughout the bout, and was clearly still suffering from a previous illness.

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Referee Harding K. Downing stopped the bout in the fifth round as a result. Johns was described by one source as a "featherweight champion of the Northwest. Suffering, he had his seconds stop the bout forty-five seconds into the fourteenth round.

Professional career[ edit ] Fullmer began his professional career in and won his first 29 fights, 19 by knockout. His manager during many years of his career was his mentor, Marv Jenson, who encouraged many youth in West Jordan, Utahto enter boxing as amateurs. Middleweight champion[ edit ] Fullmer won the world middleweight championship on January 2,when he upset the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson by soundly winning a unanimous round decision.

Reagan was described as the aggressor throughout the bout, but not a single knockdown of either boxer occurred in the fight. Though a number of the boxers he met after his loss of the title were competent or even gifted, his boxing dominance was relatively brief for a former Perte de poids ogden utah Champion.

The Des Moines Register considered the fact that Reagan had gone ten rounds without being knocked out by the extraordinary champion a remarkable accomplishment. According to the Ogden Standard, "Dozens of times Jimmy seemed on the point of going down, but always he kept afoot. The Standard also perte de graisse dans le bas du dos of Leonard, that "there wasn't a punch that he didn't aim at Reagan, and there wasn't one that was forceful enough to keep the Californian at bay.