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Stories[ edit ] The "Lost Galleon"[ edit ] The earliest tales of perte de poids du désert yuma az lost Spanish galleon appeared shortly after the Colorado River flood of Colonel Albert S. Evans reported seeing such a ship in In the Los Angeles Daily News of Augustthe ship was described as a half-buried hulk in a drying alkali marsh or saline lake, west of Dos Palmas, Californiaand 40 miles north of Yuma, Arizona.

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It could easily be viewed at a distance of several miles from a mesa that lay between Dos Palmas and Palma Seca, California. Expeditions were sent out in search of her, but the ship had apparently vanished into the sand and mud once again.

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The Galleon, according to legend, is now under the waters of the modern Salton Sea. There are those[ who? Pearl ship of Juan de Iturbe[ edit ] This legend may refer to the same ship as the Lost Galleon, but its own story has always placed it in a distinct location, closer to the sand hills west of El Centro, California.

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Descriptions perte de poids du désert yuma az it is closer to the size of one of Christopher Columbus ' small caravels. The pearl ship is rumored to have been seen as recently as the s[ citation needed ].

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The story goes that inSpanish explorer Juan de Iturbe embarked on a pearl-harvesting expedition, during which his crew sailed a shallow-drafted caravel up the Gulf of California. A high tidal bore carried him across a strait into Lake Cahuillaa postulated contemporaneous saltwater basin periodically connected to the gulf which was already in the process of drying up permanently.

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After exploring the lake for several days, Iturbe found himself unable to sail out again, whereupon he beached his craft and made his way back to the nearest Spanish settlement on foot, leaving behind a fortune in black pearls.

Iturbe's alleged ship has been seen and lost several times, and there are several stories about it having been looted.


A mule driver traveling with the de Anza expeditions through Alta California was said to have removed the pearls in Ina farmhand named Elmer Carver noticed odd-shaped fence posts while working on Niles Jacobsen's farm in Imperial, California. Jacobsen claimed a wind storm had revealed the remains of a ship, which the Jacobsens had repurposed into a fence.

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Jacobsen had also found gems which he sold in Los Angeles. The ship is consistently described as an open boat with round metal shields on its sides in the badlands west of Mexicali, Mexico.

AroundMyrtle Botts, a librarian from Julian, Californiahad an encounter with an old prospector who reported seeing a ship lodged in the rock of Canebrake Canyon.

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He described the vessel as a Viking ship made of wood with a serpentine figure carved in its prow. He gave her and her husband directions to the location but an earthquake prevented the Botts from following the prospector's trail to the ship.

Lost Ship of the Desert

The Julian Pioneer Museum is not in possession of any records regarding the Viking ship mentioned in this story. It is thought that an abandoned ferry or steamboat that had broken away during a Colorado River flood and had been left dry in the vast sands of the river delta is the origin of the rumors.

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Others claim that it was a schooner that gold-seekers wishing to search the more inaccessible portions of the Colorado River had built in Los Angeles and hauled through the desert by a mule or oxen team until the animals perished, leaving the boat mired in soft sand.

The ferry boat story changed over time more often than the Lost Galleon story. One incarnation said that a small ferry a two-man sweep was built away from the river in a place a hundred feet or so above sea level, where a source of wood was found, and that a team of six or more oxen perished hauling it through the sand near Los Algodones.

Not surprisingly, the first-hand accounts are extremely rare. Many of the above references fit the Lost Mines and Urban Legends molds, where the story passes from ear to ear with all evidence disappearing along the way.

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Searching for and finding the remains of a Lost Ship is now rather problematic. Lands adjacent to Laguna Salada in Baja Californiaand between the Gulf of California and the Salton Sea, regularly receive wind-blown sand from the desiccated delta of the much-diverted Colorado Rivergenerating vast sand dune systems.

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Aerial searches using ground-penetrating radar might reveal ships' remains, but there has not yet been an agency that undertook this project and revealed its findings. Whether or not any perte de poids du désert yuma az ships actually existed, the legends persist and remain entertaining to many. Around ADthe lake was 26 times the present size of the Salton Sea.

It has flooded and dried eight times between and In Spanish explorer Diaz was in the area, and by to the lake had infilled.

Thus a ship of 8 foot draft would need to have an additional 30 feet of water, above "sea level". While "king tides" of summer and winter are the highest, and conceivably a storm surge could add further water building up, wind-blown up the Sea of Cortez, 30 feet of additional depth seems highly unlikely.

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Media renditions of Lost Ship stories[ edit ] This is a media timeline list of material related to the "lost ship" in the California desert; it shows how the story has changed in each generation's telling. Note: Although most written items are a paragraph or more long, and sometimes lengthy articles, some are only a brief sentence or two in passing of what the author had heard and thought about a ship in the desert story.