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Former Michigan Gov. Granholm, 62, served two terms as governor in a state dominated by the auto industry and devastated by the recession.

She has promoted emerging clean energy technologies, such as electric vehicles and battery manufacturing, as an answer for jobs that will be lost as the U. Granholm, who was sworn in late Thursday, is just the second woman to serve as natalie maddox perte de poids secretary.

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During her confirmation hearing last month, Granholm pushed her plans to embrace new wind and solar technologies. But her position caused tension with some Republicans who fear for the future of fossil fuels.

So I cannot in good conscience vote to approve his nominee for secretary of energy. The moratorium could cost tens of thousands of jobs unless rescinded, Barrasso said. Gulf Coast, saying thousands of jobs will be lost and a friendly source of oil left idle.

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Granholm assured lawmakers that creating jobs was her top priority — and Biden's. In West Virginia, and in other fossil fuel states, there is an opportunity for us to specialize in the technologies that reduce carbon emissions, to make those technologies here, to put people to work here, and to look at other ways to diversify,'' she said at her Jan.

During her introduction as Biden's nominee, Granholm described arriving in the U. Vivek Murthy said Americans must not lose track of opioid addiction and other health emergencies amid the intense national focus on overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.

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Murthy told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that the overdose rescue drug naloxone should be even more widely available and that medication-assisted treatment must be expanded. Murthy, who was surgeon general in the Obama administration, has drawn opposition from gun rights groups because of his assessment that gun violence is a public health problem.

But he tried to dispel notions that he would launch a crusade against guns.

Robert Pattinson : pourquoi il aime tant Paris

He told Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind. Katherine Tai told the Senate Finance Committee that rebuilding international alliances would be a priority, as well as "reengaging with international institutions?

Pourtant, Robert Pattinson arrive encore à se balader incognito ou presque notamment Lady Gaga est peut-être prête à être maman, mais tout le monde ne partage pas cet avis! Mercredi, la star s'est retrouvée avec un bébé

Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley told reporters he won't support her nomination. He and Alaska Republican Sen. Murkowski has yet to say how she'd vote.

Demi Moore et Ashton Kutcher : ils divorcent

Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. Joe Manchin announced his opposition last week. Matthew Daly, The Associated Press 19 hours ago Wheatland County votes against draft CMRB plan Wheatland County voted not to support the draft of a regional planning document that, if adopted, could shape development across 10 municipalities in the Calgary region into the future.

It is composed of 10 member municipalities, including Strathmore and a portion of Wheatland County.

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A requirement of the CMRB is the creation of a regional planning document to establish overarching planning strategies for the region, relating to such things as land use, infrastructure investment and service delivery. While a draft growth and servicing plan has been developed by an external consultant, HDR Calthorpe, a planning consulting firm, it has not yet been finalized.

As such, the CMRB is requesting an extension of this deadline to June 1, but it has not yet publicly received a response from the province.

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This plan was presented to Strathmore town council during its Feb. Following the Feb. The plan thus aspires to shut down rural growth and mandate that most of the growth in the Calgary metropolitan region be directed into urban municipalities, said Link.

In response, its council has been looking to attract investment, diversify natalie maddox perte de poids maintain the sustainability of the municipality, said Link. But this new restriction could hinder long-term investment attraction.

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Under the CMRB regulation, if a decision is to be made by a vote, it must be supported by at least two thirds of the representatives from member municipalities with at least two thirds of the population in the Calgary metropolitan region. This voting structure of the CMRB, together with the growth plan, will move decisions away from local democratic governments to a model where one municipality exercises authority over all others, said Link.

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But as the county is considering providing servicing to the area, this would likely constitute a significant change, requiring CMRB approval, and may not be seen as aligned with the new plan. Link also questioned whether public natalie maddox perte de poids for the growth and servicing plan was sufficient.

Еще только начинало светать, но движение уже было довольно оживленным: молодые жители Севильи возвращались после ночных пляжных развлечений.

Later in the meeting, Wheatland County council passed unanimously a multi-part motion to not support the draft regional growth plan, stating it is concerned significant portions of the growth plan have not been submitted as required. As a result, county council is requesting an analysis of the time and money spent by all member municipalities as contributions toward the work of the consultant for review and discussion at the next CMRB board meeting.

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  • Он был первым афроамериканцем на посту директора Агентства национальной безопасности, но эту его отличительную черту никто никогда даже не упоминал, потому что политическая партия, которую он поддерживал, решительно не принимала этого во внимание, и его коллеги следовали этому примеру.

An accounting of all project costs to date and project work submitted should also be provided, according to the motion. The final part of the motion states the CMRB board should review the draft submissions while considering the provincial mandate of red tape reduction and other provincial economic strategies. Authorities say the new cases are in the eastern region of the province, perdre du poids boissons saines officials have been battling an outbreak in the metro area of St.

Officials say 10 people are in hospital with the disease, and five of them are in intensive care.

With active reported infections, Newfoundland and Labrador now has an active infection rate of 64 perpeople. On Wednesday, health officials in the eastern region released a list of schools where students and staff have tested positive for COVID during the recent outbreak.

El cuerpo de Jesus, el pan del cielo. Молодой священник, причащавший Беккера, смотрел на него с неодобрением. Ему было понятно нетерпение иностранца, но все-таки зачем рваться без очереди. Беккер наклонил голову и тщательно разжевывал облатку.

The health authority says there were cases at 22 schools, including infections among staff and students of one high school in Mount Pearl that was an early epicentre of the outbreak.