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Development[ edit ] Mary Kom was hailed as a National hero after the Olympic win, which also highlighted her previous achievements During his work as an art director on Sanjay Leela Bhansali 's SaawariyaOmung Kumar started writing two scripts simultaneously for his directorial debut. However, none of the films were made. Kumar admitted that he felt disgusted after being told of Kom's achievements as he was unaware of her existence. Quadras later approached Kumar with the script for Mary Kom and he decided to make his directorial debut with it.

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Initially, Kom was surprised by the development as the sport, especially women's boxing, was not well known in India. However, she was enthusiastic about the idea. I was surprised why he would want to make a movie on me and thought he was joking or gone mad!

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Boxing, especially in women's section, is not so well known in India as it's hardly reported, and no one recognized me as Mary Kom. Kom's videos played a Mary Kom perte de poids role in the research.

In her interactions with Quadras and Kumar, Kom was forthcoming when it came to the details of her life, and had significant input in the screenplay.

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Her fifth World Boxing Championship win and the London Olympics were left out because of the contract that permitted a depiction of Kom's life up to The contract for the film was signed at that time when Kom had not even qualified for the London Olympics. Still, Bhansali wanted to hear the story and was also enthusiastic towards the project. After hearing the script, he liked it and immediately agreed to produce the film.

Mary Kom se lamente sur l'absence d'une fédération de boxe efficace en Inde

Her win also highlighted her previous achievements. She later agreed to the film because of Kumar's confidence in her.

The preparations included building the physique of a boxer and learning the sport. She was put on a low-carb, high-protein diet. I had to build in three months what Mary did in 15 years", she said in an interview with Deccan Chronicle.

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She relocated to her bungalow in Goawhere she would train for five hours a day. Later, boxing was made a part of her daily workout. Today, I can play the sport as I know the rules, body posture, foot work, I can hit, I can defend.

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I know the game. She revealed Mary Kom perte de poids she channeled the grief of her father's death into the film: "I started this film at the hardest point in Mary Kom perte de poids life, four days after my father passed away.

All my grief, everything, I have shoved into this movie.

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A part of my soul has gone into it. Unlike Chopra, Kumar did not meet Onler Kom before the film. He mainly made use of the videos which Kom had provided to the makers, which helped him understand the nuances of his character.

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For the role, he had to learn the Manipuri accent, which was difficult for him being a Haryanvi. After plans to shoot in Manipur were dropped because of safety concerns, extensive research was done to find locations similar to Manipur. She recreated the look and feel of Manipur in Dharamshala and Manali. Quotes from the Bible were added on the walls. A 19th-century church in Dharamshala was chosen for the wedding sequence.

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A place was chosen with minimal facilities and water leaking onto the walls. She revealed that the sets had to feel authentic rather than artificially created. Tangri used photographs from Kom's childhood to create clothing which ranged from traditional to sporty and athletic attires.

At first, they wanted her to look exactly like Kom by using prosthetic makeup.

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However, the final result did not appeal to the makers. Also, the prosthetic would not hold during filming of the heavy-action boxing scenes. That's when we decided to go with just carrying the essence of the film, rather than the outer, cosmetic part. His biggest challenges were to make the fight marks look as realistic as possible as it required a lot of time and detailing.

They eventually realised that it would not be feasible and would be time-consuming. Professional boxers were then employed to film the boxing sequences for giving a more natural feel and convincing look. Filming boxing scenes was difficult for Chopra as she got hurt several times; she says, "They are real boxers and they don't know how to fake a punch, they had to really hit you. Perdre du poids 4 jours I had to get hit a lot and that was really hard.

Due to limited security arrangements, the crowds became uncontrollable in what was not believed to be a heavily populated area. When Chopra stepped out of her van, some fans tried to approach her, causing the general Mary Kom perte de poids of control. As a result, the shoot was cancelled and the whole crew had to leave. Pandey edited the film with Bhansali.

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