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China approves two more domestic COVID vaccines for public use China's medical products regulator said on Thursday that it had approved two more COVID vaccines for public use, raising the number of domestically produced vaccines that can be used in China to four.

They join a vaccine from Sinovac Biotech approved earlier this month, and another from Sinopharm's Beijing unit approved last year. The head of nursing at the regional health board for west-central Montreal has taken a leading role in the board's efforts to reduce vaccine hesitancy among its employees.

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Tremblay said some of her colleagues are still reluctant to get an injection, but they are noticeably fewer than a few months ago. Health experts say vaccine hesitancy appears to be dropping among health-care workers in Quebec. Melissa Genereux, public health professor at Universite de Sherbrooke, said in an interview Wednesday. Quebec health boards are making a concerted effort to encourage workers to get vaccinated by launching information campaigns and creating programs aimed at turning vaccinated workers into role models for their colleagues.

Those efforts seem to be working. Genereux said 76 per cent of Quebec health-care workers who responded to a survey between Feb. More than 10, Quebec adults participated in the survey, which was part of a two-year research project funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, results of which have not yet been published.

Seeing colleagues get vaccinated with no major side effects — and witnessing the number of new COVID cases decline as the vaccination campaign continues — has helped change attitudes, Genereux said.

She also credits educational efforts by the Health Department and regional public officials. At the west-central Montreal health board, much of the effort to encourage vaccination has focused on educating workers, Tremblay said.

Workers who are vaccinated are offered a badge to wear to encourage their colleagues to get a justin willoughby perte de poids, Tremblay added. Justin willoughby perte de poids Dube, a medical anthropologist at Universite Laval, said research has shown that when health-care workers encourage their colleagues to get vaccinated, it can lead to higher rates of flu vaccination.

Dube said her research also indicates that health-care workers in the province are increasingly willing to be vaccinated against COVID The fact the vaccine is new is likely playing a role in hesitancy, she said, adding "nobody wants to be a guinea pig.

Ginette Senez, with the regional health board in south-central Montreal, said her organization is creating videos with a wide variety of justin willoughby perte de poids members — ranging from doctors to orderlies — who are answering questions from colleagues and explaining how the vaccination process works.

Health-care workers are worried about the side effects and some are afraid they could get the virus from the vaccine, Senez said in a recent interview. Little by little, however, people's opinions are changing, she added.

But, Dube said, vaccine rates may be lagging intention. Many health-care workers in Quebec already work long hours and face mandatory overtime, she said, adding that if they have to schedule an appointment at a health-care justin willoughby perte de poids other than their workplace, getting the shot may be a challenge even if they want it. This report by The Canadian Press was first holly geordie shore perdre du poids Feb.

Jacob Serebrin, The Canadian Press a day ago Pandemic increased direct aid to fossil fuel producers, new study shows OTTAWA — A new report suggests the economic impact of the pandemic led to a massive increase in federal aid to Canada's oil patch.

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But the annual inventory of fossil fuel subsidies published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development also highlights that almost all of the direct aid was paid out in two programs to protect jobs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

It raises further questions about how to define fossil fuel subsidies, an issue Canada has not solved despite promising to eliminate "inefficient" ones for more than a decade now.


Her report notes that it makes no sense for Canada to both provide direct funding to help fossil fuel producers and charge a price on the pollution fossil fuels create, likening it to "trying to bail water out of a leaky boat.

But a peer-review of fossil fuel subsidies being done with Argentina is still not done, and a full list of what subsidies even exist has yet to materialize. That peer review began in June and was expected to be done by June at the latest. Corkal said it's impossible to phase out anything until there's a full picture of what exists. Finance Canada has not yet provided an update on the status of that review.

Abandoned wells are a significant source of methane emissions.

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Canada's most recent emissions inventory suggests intonnes justin willoughby perte de poids greenhouse gas emissions came from them. However several studies suggest there are more abandoned wells than we think, and they emit more methane than we count. Corkal said initially the oil recovery fund for the province was pitched in a way that would require it to show an environmental impact, but it's not clear that's happening. Most of that funding has yet to be committed.

Corkal said loans aren't included in the subsidies total because it's not clear how much they will ultimately cost taxpayers, so federal loan programs offered to oil companies last spring to help them weather the pandemic downturn aren't included in the totals.

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Environment groups welcomed the orphaned oil well program last spring, believing it to be a better way to help the spa de perte de poids de New York than subsidizing oil production. But Corkal said taxpayers shouldn't be on the hook for cleaning up orphaned wells permanently.

Defining how a subsidy is "inefficient" lies at the heart of the promise to eliminate them in Canada. Environment Canada once listed four subsidies from its department and yet determined all were efficient, either by aiding small remote communities with the cost of fuel, or having a positive environmental impact.

President Joe Biden made eliminating fossil fuel subsidies in the United States an immediate priority.

On his first full day in office he directed all federal agencies to identify any direct federal spending on fossil fuels, and to eliminate any such spending from the budget next year. Legislature opens Thursday for its spring sitting, the first since Premier Dennis King shuffled his cabinet earlier this month. Full justin willoughby perte de poids of the government's priorities will justin willoughby perte de poids revealed during the speech from the throne, but in advance, here are five things to watch for during this sitting.

Mental health top priority Mental health access for Islanders will likely continue to dominate the spring session, as it did during the fall.

During his state of the province address earlier this week, King talked about access to mental health and addictions services on P. In particular, King spoke about a new P. Centre for Mental Wellbeing, an organization that would be dedicated to helping Islanders access services. The details about the new centre are scant at this point, but King said it will not be a brick-and-mortar building but more of an entity offering a collaborative approach to mental health care on P.

Opposition leader Peter Bevan-Baker says his party will be 'holding government to account in a more robust manner than perhaps we have in the past. Both the Greens and the Liberal Party said mental health services are also a priority for them heading into the spring session. Focus on P. In his state of the province address, King spoke about the possibility of a vaccine passport for future travellers to P. Bevan-Baker echoed that sentiment. Interim Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant says the tone in the legislature has 'changed greatly' in the last two years, justin willoughby perte de poids his party will still ask important questions.

Interim Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant also said he'll be watching for how small businesses are doing. Opposition wants poverty and housing kept on the agenda Bevan-Baker said beyond mental health and economic recovery, poverty reduction and the housing crisis are big priorities for the Official Opposition.

Access to rural internet will continue to be an issue With many Islanders still working from home due to the COVID pandemic, both Gallant and Bevan-Baker would like to keep access to rural internet on the government's agenda. Recruiting more doctors to P. Physician recruitment was a top issue during the last sitting and one Islanders causes courantes de perte de poids involontaire expect to see raised again by both the Liberals and the Greens.

Right now, there are more than 15, Islanders on P. We know it's difficult, but it's something that you have to work at," said Gallant. The province, in partnership with the Medical Society of P. In his state of the province address, King announced the province will launch a new health-care model in three Island communities, called "medical homes. Police say they received a call at p. AT that a man had been shot in an apartment in the block of Glen Moir Terrace. When officers arrived, the victim wasn't there, but someone told them he had been abducted by the suspects in the victim's own vehicle.

Halifax Regional Police spokesperson Const.

justin willoughby perte de poids

John MacLeod said officers later located the victim, a year-old man, not far away. He was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police say the men who shot and abducted the victim were wearing dark clothing and masks.

The victim's vehicle, a Dodge Caravan cargo van, has not been found. Police say the rear windows of the van have been covered with white window tinting, and the driver's side window has a no-smoking decal on it. Police say they do not believe the incident is a random act. MORE TOP STORIES 21 hours ago Carbon offsets gird for lift-off as big money gets close to nature An expected dash by big corporations for offsets to meet their climate targets has prompted financial exchanges to launch carbon futures contracts to capitalise on what could be a multi-billion dollar market.

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Among the major corporations that say they expect to use them to compensate for any emissions they cannot cut from their operations and products are Unilever, EasyJet, Royal Dutch Shell and BP, which all have climate targets. As COVID vaccine supplies gradually ramp up across the country, most provinces and territories have released details of who can expect to receive a shot in the coming weeks.

Here's a list of their plans to date: Newfoundland and Labrador The province says it is in Phase 1 of its vaccine rollout.

justin willoughby perte de poids

Health-care workers on the front lines of the pandemic, staff at long-term care homes, people of "advanced age" and adults in remote or isolated Indigenous communities have priority. Other priority groups will be offered the vaccine once logistics allow.

The next phase will include anyone who works in a hospital and may come into contact with a patient, community health-care providers such as dental and pharmacy workers, correctional facilities, shelters, temporary foreign worker quarters and those working in food security justin willoughby perte de poids.

The third phase will include all Nova Scotians going down in five-year increments. Nova Scotia plans to have vaccine available to at least 75 per cent of the population by the end of September Those 80 and older, adults in Indigenous communities, and truck drivers and other rotational workers are also included. The next phase, which is scheduled to begin in April, will target those above 70 and essential workers.

The province intends to make the vaccine available to everyone in late summer and fall. The next phase is scheduled to begin in the spring and justin willoughby perte de poids residents and staff of communal settings, other health-care workers including pharmacists, first responders and critical infrastructure employees. The government website says once the vaccine supply is continuous and in large enough quantities, the entire population will be offered the shots.

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It says the vaccination of children and pregnant women will be determined based on future studies of vaccine safety and efficacy in those populations. Phase 1, which is still ongoing, reserves shots for those in long-term care, high-risk retirement home residents, certain classes of health-care workers, and people who live in congregate care settings. All Indigenous adults, people aged 80 and older and adults receiving chronic home care will be next in line.

The province says it will begin vaccinations among the 80 and older age cohort starting the third week of March. Vaccinations will begin for people 75 and older starting April The province will then move to offer shots to those 70 and older starting May 1; 65 and older starting June 1; and 60 and older the first week of July.

Indigenous adults and patient-facing health-care workers will receive vaccinations as the province works through those age groups. The government is still finalizing the list of essential workers who will receive vaccinations in May if supply is available. The province justin willoughby perte de poids not detailed when people younger than 60 can expect to be vaccinated.

Appointment bookings can be made online and by phone starting March 15 for those in eligible age cohorts.

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Appointments are now available for most people aged 95 and up, or 75 and up for First Nations people. Until now, vaccines have been directed to certain groups such as health care workers and people in personal care homes. Health officials plan to reduce the age minimum, bit by bit, over the coming months. They say most people over 80, and First Nations individuals over 60, could be eligible in early March.

justin willoughby perte de poids

The province plans to have all personal care home residents vaccinated with two doses by the end of February, and has started sending team to other congregate living settings such as group homes and justin willoughby perte de poids.

Joss Reimer, medical lead of the province's vaccine task force, say inoculations could be open to all adults in the province by August if new vaccines are approved and supplies are steady. The plan does not include a separate category for essential workers — something that Reimer says will be considered as vaccine supplies increase.

In all, nearlydoses are required to finish this stage. The next phase will be focused on vaccinating the general population by age. Saskatchewan will begin immunizing the general population in year increments, starting with those 60 to Also included in this age group will be people living in emergency shelters, individuals with intellectual disabilities in care homes and people who are medically vulnerable.

Police, corrections staff and teachers are among the front-line workers not prioritized for early access to shots. The government says supply is scare. Appointments are being offered through an online portal and justin willoughby perte de poids Health Link phone line.

Health Minister Tyler Justin willoughby perte de poids said Wednesday the website was temporarily overwhelmed when more thanpeople tried to get access to it.

justin willoughby perte de poids

By mid-afternoon, 25, appointments had been booked. He said all eligible seniors should have their first shots by the end of March.

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Initial immunization efforts have focused on long-term care residents and certain health-care professionals, with plans to expand vaccine offerings by the end of the month. Provincial officials have said February will see seniors over 75, First Nations, Métis and people 65 and older living in a First Nations community start to receive their vaccines. Work is underway to identify target populations for future phases of the provincial rollout.

The second phase justin willoughby perte de poids to wrap up in March includes people aged 80 and above, Indigenous elders 65 and up, Indigenous communities that didn't receive vaccine in the first phase, as well as more health-care workers and vulnerable populations living and working in certain congregate settings.

The third phase of B. In Iqaluit, Nunavut's capital, a general vaccination clinic is underway for priority populations, including staff and residents of shelters, people ages 60 years and up, staff and inmates and correctional facilities, first responders and frontline health care staff. Starting March 1, the vaccine clinic will be extended to all adults in Iqaluit ages 45 and up.

justin willoughby perte de poids

Nunavut still expects enough vaccines to immunize 75 per cent of its residents over the age of 18 by the end of March. Vaccine clinics are either completed or underway in all 33 of the territory's communities.

In Yellowknife, residents and staff in long term care homes are being prioritized for the vaccine. Vaccination of Yellowknife's general population will begin in late March.