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The learning and memory performance was assessed using passive avoidance paradigm, and for spatial cognition evaluation, radial eight-arm maze RAM task was used. In addition, GEN administration significantly attenuated learning and memory impairment in treated STZ-injected group in passive avoidance test.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Feijuan Kong Full Text Available Postoperative cognitive dysfunction POCD is a clinical phenomenon characterized by cognitive deficits in patients after anesthesia and surgery, especially in geriatric surgical patients.

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Although it has been documented that isoflurane exposure impaired cognitive function in several aged animal models, there are few clinical interventions and treatments available to prevent this disorder.

Minocycline has been well established to exert neuroprotective effects in various experimental animal models and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Therefore, we hypothesized that pretreatment with minocycline attenuates isoflurane-induced cognitive decline in aged rats. In the present study, twenty-month-old rats were administered minocycline or an equal volume of saline by judith beck perte de poids cbt injection 12 h before exposure to isoflurane.

Then the rats were exposed to 1. Two weeks later, spatial learning and memory of the rats were examined using the Morris Water Maze.

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In addition, minocycline treatment also prevented the changes of synaptic ultrastructure in the hippocampal CA1 region induced by isoflurane. In conclusion, pretreatment with minocycline attenuated isoflurane-induced cognitive impairment in aged rats.

It is used to treat inflammation-associated diseases.

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Additionally, the levels of 7 cytokines CKs in the plasma and the body temperature of rats were analyzed. As one of the three major active constituents in HLJDD, iridoids were absorbed and eliminated more easily and quickly than alkaloids and flavonoids.

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Compared with the normal controls, the flavonoids, alkaloids and iridoids in inflamed rats exhibited consistently changing trends of PK behaviors, such as higher bioavailability, slower elimination, delays in reaching the maximum concentration Tmax and longer substantivity. The HCR of iridoids was different from that of alkaloids and flavonoids in inflamed rats.

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Based on PK-PD modeling with the three-phase synchronous characterization of time-concentration-effect, flavonoids exhibited one mechanism of action in the anti-inflammatory process, while iridoids and alkaloids showed another mechanism of action. Taken together, the results demonstrated that.