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Antayhua, Y. The seismograph network installed inside and around the geothermal field consisted, at the beginning, of Kinemetrics K2 accelerometers; since the network is composed by Guralp CMG-6TD broadband seismometers. The seismic data used in this study covered the period from September - November We relocated earthquakes with epicenter in the zone of study recorded in most of the seismic stations.

The results show normal mechanisms ed lavandera perte de poids correlate with La Virgen, El Azufre, El Cimarron and Bonfil fault systems, whereas inverse and strike-slip solutions correlate with Las Viboras fault.

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Additionally, the Qc value was obtained for events. This value was calculated using the Single Back Scattering model, taking the coda-waves train with window lengths of 5 sec.

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Seismograms were filtered at 4 frequency bands centered at 2, 4, 8 and 16 Hz respectively. The estimates of Qc vary from 62 at 2 Hz, up to at 16 Hz.

This value correlated with those observed at other geothermal and volcanic fields. Federal Register, Tres Palacios states that the proposed abandonment of storage To obtain the necessary amount of photometric data for this exoplanet, we have organized an international campaign to search for exoplanets based on the Transit Timing Variation method TTV and as a result of this we collected 30 new light curves, 15 light curves from the Exoplanet Transit Database ETD and 8 light curves from the literature for the timing analysis of the exoplanet TrES-5b.

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We carried out the N-body modeling based on the three-body problem.