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Miguel Arias Cañete, Member of the Commission. The result is a major achievement on the biggest environment and health problem facing Europe. Citizens across the whole European Union will benefit enormously and these are results that we collectively can be very proud of.

It will also pave the way for ratification of the revised Gothenburg Protocol and for pollution reduction in the Eastern European Caucasus and Central Asian States. It eco slim keskustelu important not only for the population of all those countries but also in terms of reducing trans-boundary pollution in the European Union.

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In any negotiation there are compromises to be made, and discussions on the key points were long and hard, but the final position is an honourable outcome which is ambitious, fair and practical.

The level of ambition is high, the flexibilities are limited and their use must be justified, and there must be steady progress towards the commitments, to ensure full and timely implementation, as well as providing legal certainty to investors in green technology. All Member States and sectors will need to play their part in the implementation of the directive. It is understandable that where pollution, and therefore health impacts, are highest more effort is needed. We must maximise the use of European Union support as well as synergies with other policies such as eco slim keskustelu on agriculture, energy and climate.

Eco slim keskustelu implementation will deliver not only better health but eco slim keskustelu the eco slim keskustelu benefits of cleaner air, such as lower health costs and less absenteeism at work. The Commission regrets the deletion eco slim keskustelu methane from the scope of the directive, and we have made clear in our statement that we will continue to monitor these emissions and their effect on ambient air quality and we will take action as appropriate.

On ammonia, we regret that the reduction is less than we had initially proposed on the basis of scientific analysis in our impact assessment. Lastly, we also regret that the co-legislator has departed from the letter and the spirit of the regulation governing the adoption of implementing acts.

We have made our concerns clear in a further statement. However, this will not distract attention from the fact that the agreement before us is a major achievement by the three EU institutions working together for the benefit of the public, which I hope you will endorse today.

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This would enable us to turn our attention to implementation, with the health and wellbeing of our citizens always in mind. I trust that we can rely on your support. Jan Huitema, Rapporteur voor advies van de Commissie landbouw en plattelandsontwikkeling.

Als rapporteur van de Landbouwcommissie ben ik blij dat methaan uit het akkoord is gelaten. Hiermee hebben we dubbele wet- en regelgeving voorkomen. Methaan is een broeikasgas en wordt al gereguleerd via de klimaatdoelstellingen. Bovendien behoudt de agrarische sector hiermee de flexibiliteit om zelf te bepalen hoe het de uitstoot van verschillende broeikasgassen gaat verminderen.

Ik wil namelijk voorkomen dat boeren noodgedwongen de koeien op stal moeten houden om methaan af te vangen die koeien uitstoten.

“Dans mes pensées…“, premier recueil de poèmes de Flavien le Plaquiste

Dat is nou net wat de maatschappij niet wil. Daarnaast moeten we ook rekening houden met de biologische sector. Biologisch gehouden dieren stoten gemiddeld meer methaan uit doordat zij een ander samengesteld rantsoen krijgen.

Daarentegen kan juist de biologische sector en de gangbare sector een grote bijdrage leveren aan het verminderen van broeikasgassen in de lucht door CO2 te binden in de bodem via organische stoffen. Eco slim keskustelu Dank an die Berichterstatterin Julie Girling und die Schattenberichterstatter für die konstruktive Zusammenarbeit. Juni noch unter niederländischer Ratspräsidentschaft. Damit wird zügig eine Verbesserung der Luftqualität in Europa erreicht, und damit bekommen auch die betroffenen Wirtschaftssektoren die nötige Planungs- und Investitionssicherheit.

Zweitens — und darauf hat der Kollege Huitema gerade zu Recht hingewiesen: Methan wurde aus dem Anwendungsbereich der Richtlinie ausgenommen.

Da ist ein berechtigtes Anliegen der Kollegen aus dem Agrarausschuss berücksichtigt worden. Das war ganz bestimmt ein gutes Verhandlungsergebnis.

Und viertens: Die Reduktionsziele für Quecksilber wurden hier nicht aufgenommen.

Hier ist ein ebenso berechtigtes Anliegen der Kollegen aus dem Industrieausschuss berücksichtigt worden. Wir sollten diesem Prinzip auch in Zukunft treu bleiben.

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Dann machen wir wirklich bessere Gesetze und behaupten dies nicht nur. Fünftens und letztens: Die Ziele für Die Mitgliedstaaten können einen nichtlinearen Pfad verfolgen, wenn dies für sie effizienter ist. Entscheidend ist nicht das Erreichen von Zwischenzielen, sondern entscheidend ist das Prinzip der Kosteneffizienz.

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Fazit: Insgesamt haben wir ein gutes Verhandlungsergebnis erzielt. Wir erreichen schneller eine bessere Luft für Europa. Das ist gut für die Menschen, das ist gut für die Gesundheit der Menschen in Europa. Insofern können wir als Europäische Volkspartei diesem Kompromiss mit Überzeugung zustimmen. We could be proud of this place and the coordinated action that has taken place at a European level.

Throughout the process, it eco slim keskustelu the European institutions that led the way in terms of ambition. The high initial ambition shown by the Environment Committee is testament to the individual ambitions of the Members who supported the highest targets, and this place can be proud of consistently holding a higher line than that shown by the Member States. Ultimately we had to compromise, but it was the national governments who had consistently shown the least resolve.

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At every stage this Parliament, representing million citizens across the European Union, was backed not just by NGOs, scientists and public health campaigns, but also by cities from Berlin to Barcelona, London to Lisbon, Paris to Prague, to Dublin to Dubrovnik, Amsterdam to Aarhus.

City mayors have shown us that they want this action to be taken at European level.


We now have this deal on the table with Member States; it is not perfect, and it will not eliminate the problem, but it is significant progress and it does show what can be achieved by scaling up overriding competing regional and national interests and acting in the common good. Our task is now to hold governments to account on delivering these targets. We must challenge the old tired but re-emerging competition between industry and the idea that industry and clean air cannot go hand in hand.

Eco slim keskustelu must consistently put pressure to target resources into innovation and the development of new technology, and we must never surrender to the divisive rhetoric from those who want to see a race to the bottom between us on environmental standards. It has perhaps become fashionable in my country to pretend we can insulate ourselves from difficult decisions, to pretend that we can deal with these issues on our own.

We cannot. We breathe the same air. I have no idea what Brexit will end up doing to my city and my country, but I do know that the best environmental protections we have have come from this place.

I do not expect them to, but if my government decides to use environmental standards as a bargaining chip, I expect and urge all of us here to stand firm. Let us continue in this place to show the highest resolve.

Panie Komisarzu! Pani Sprawozdawczyni! Doctors and scientists are giving us the evidence and warning European governments of the disastrous effects on us all.

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It is high time that clean air is seen as an essential human right, as is clean drinking water and enough food for all. Dirty air is particularly damaging to unborn babies. While I am pleased that EU governments have agreed to halve the number of early deaths in Europe from air pollution byit is clear that we must all work to achieve this — industry, farming, governments and everyone else.

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These negotiations were tough, and it has been good to work cross-party. I thank all of us who were working on that. Thankfully, we had Julie Girling, who was that tough negotiator that we really needed, but many Member States were reluctant to agree to the targets and may drag their feet. Just look at my own government in the UK. They know that London is failing on air quality, yet they plough on with expanding Heathrow Airport. Air pollution around the airport is already dangerously above legal levels of nitrogen dioxide, and this will make it worse.