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Esitatud dokumendid vt protokoll 3. Assigneeringute ümberpaigutamine vt protokoll 4. We are deeply eco slim farmacii moldavie by the continuing unrest and lament the serious violent incidents that have taken place over the past weeks. Official sources refer to at least 13[nbsp ]deaths and hundreds of people injured. We note that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights has referred to the allegedly disproportionate use of force on the part of state security agents, while the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has pointed to reported attacks on demonstrators by armed groups.

This violence must cease immediately.

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It is incumbent on the public authorities to maintain public order. Political intolerance and continuous public statements critical of one or the other side can only add tension to the political discourse and further divide society. We are alarmed about the detention of students and political leaders including Leopoldo López, the leader of the social democratic party, Voluntad Popular. Reputable international civil society organisations have indicated that they have not seen any evidence to eco slim farmacii moldavie these charges.

We join the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in calling upon the eco slim farmacii moldavie authorities to ensure that the accusations brought against those detained are impartially investigated, to decide on the lawfulness of their detention, or to order their release. This House and the EU as a whole have always stood for the right to peaceful freedom of expression.

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The rights of freedom of association, of assembly and of expression are crucial. Demonstrations in Venezuela started two weeks ago as students complained about high crime rates and a lack of security in universities. Thousands of other Venezuelans have since joined in, demonstrating against high inflation and the shortage of basic goods.

But many supporters of the government are also out on the streets of Caracas. Nobody should be detained for exercising their right to freedom of speech and assembly.

It is essential that journalists and broadcasters be allowed to exercise their profession freely. Reputable civil society organisations have reported arbitrary acts of censorship. The internet company Twitter has reported that access to photos had been blocked in Venezuela. Foreign TV news stations have been taken off the air.

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Citizens and politicians must be allowed to express their views freely in the media. It is up to Venezuela to tackle these issues.

The framework for a comprehensive dialogue aimed at solving these issues should be agreed with the Opposition.

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When President Maduro took office as President last year, he began his inauguration speech by saying that he wanted to govern for all Venezuelans. In saying that he wanted to extend a hand to build an inclusive nation for everybody, President Maduro acknowledged that almost half of the voters had voted for the Opposition candidate; those voters should be allowed a voice in public debate. All Venezuelans have the right to decide how their country should be managed.

We call upon the government to reach out to all segments of Venezuelan society. This House will surely support a call for the plurality of public opinion. Venezuela es un país, señor Presidente, que retrocede, combinaisons en caoutchouc pour perdre du poids no avanza. Es un país en el que estos acontecimientos denigran a la democracia.

Precisamente el lunes, cuando estaba regresando de Kiev, venía leyendo un artículo de un teólogo muy prestigioso, que decía que hay un coraje de la palabra, un coraje de la acción, un coraje para la convicción y un coraje también para la opinión; un coraje del pensamiento y un coraje para la verdad.

Creo que estos jóvenes estudiantes eco slim farmacii moldavie se manifiestan en las calles, estos políticos que salen a la calle para pedir una Venezuela mejor y estos periodistas independientes se caracterizan, precisamente, por ese ejercicio de coraje.

Esto nos lleva a que este Parlamento no puede ser indiferente ante tamaña agresión a una población pacífica que quiere lo mejor para su país y que sabe que puede tenerlo porque es un país rico.

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Rico en petróleo —que sería la fuente de su desarrollo si no fuera porque el Gobierno se dedica a regalarlo a países amigos para que le sirvan de guardianes de su seguridad—. Debemos mencionar también a las familias que nos invitan, que quieren que tengamos unas palabras para sus seres queridos y podamos hablar de ellos y defenderlos aquí. Instead of looking after the needs of its people, the government decided to retaliate, and to date this has resulted in 13 people dead, more than 70 injured and hundreds detained.

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It is time that the Venezuelan Government took responsibility for its own huge mistakes and acted accordingly. Considering everybody else to be guilty is no longer working, and this is why people are on the streets. We urge both the government and the opposition to turn to peaceful dialogue and to try to find a middle ground for the sake of their people. At the same time, as the media rapporteur for this Parliament, I am also very concerned about reports on media and web censorship, as well as limited access to blogs and social networks.

I would remind President Maduro and the Venezuelan Government that ensuring a free and independent media and a functioning political opposition are fundamental for a country that wants to be called democratic. As incoerências do Partido Popular ficam com eco slim farmacii moldavie Partido Popular. Ainda estamos neste ponto? Bem, as incoerências de cada grupo político ficam com esses grupos políticos.

Termino, Sr. Nós devemos estar com o povo da Venezuela, com o povo da Venezuela que quer erradicar a pobreza, também com o povo da Venezuela que quer manifestar-se pacificamente. But this resolution on Venezuela, an oil-rich country, has got nothing to do with the disastrous economic policies eco slim farmacii moldavie they pursued.

What is eco slim farmacii moldavie stake is the fundamental right of people to protest against their own government without fear of violence or oppression, and to express their views in a free press and through the internet. I condemn, as does my group, the murders of the 13 protestors by government forces, and I extend my condolences to their families.

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Clearly their deaths must be investigated, and all those who have been behind this must be brought to justice. Maduro may well have been democratically elected, but attempts to censor the media and crack down on opponents risk causing immeasurable harm to his democratic credentials.

The situation in Venezuela is precarious. The country already has a very high murder rate.

Now the combination of uncontrolled pro-Government militias, the recent arrest of the leading opposition figure Leopoldo López and student demonstrators, and the roadblocks erected by opposition figures, could presage a descent into potentially disastrous violence or even civil war.

President Maduro, who is behaving increasingly like his mentor, Fidel Castro in Cuba, must release the opposition figures. He must release the journalists and the students in custody, and ensure that the groups acting on his behalf are disarmed without delay.

I urge the government to reach out to civil society and to guarantee, by lifting all the media restrictions, that more voices are heard in a more pluralistic society.

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If the EU can help in any way, we should be there in order to make sure there is true democracy in that country. O problema da maioria deste Parlamento é, sim, com o rumo soberano e progressista que o povo venezuelano decidiu empreender.

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O Parlamento joga exatamente o jogo da tentativa de golpe de Estado, com o carimbo da direita, à chamada esquerda, passando pelos socialistas. Le Venezuela est un État puissant, avec un peuple valeureux et une immense culture, qui ne mérite pas la situation actuelle. Des groupes progouvernementaux violents, armés, agissent en toute impunité.

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Mme[nbsp ]Zuber, personne ne dit que le gouvernement les fomente, mais il ne les condamne pas et il ne les poursuit pas! Il y a des morts, des emprisonnements, des blessés, des tortures, des viols, mais il n'y a établissement intelligent dobjectifs de perte de poids de procès juste et équitable.

Le Venezuela souhaite la liberté, et son peuple a raison. Mais la liberté n'existe pas sans sécurité. La liberté sans sécurité, c'est l'anarchie.