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Synopsis[ edit ] The show is set in the suburbs of Houston, Texasand stars Reba McEntire as a wisecracking single mother Reba Nell Hart, whose dentist ex-husband Brock Christopher Rich has left her to marry young, ditzy Barbra Jean Melissa Peterman his dental hygienist, after it is revealed in the pilot episode that Barbra Jean is pregnant from an affair with Brock. Although Reba sees "B.

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As the show progresses Reba slowly and painfully comes to the conclusion that despite all her efforts to hate her, she likes Barbra Jean and considers her a friend. In the pilot episode it was revealed that Reba's oldest daughter, then high school senior Cheyenne JoAnna Garciais also pregnant. Cheyenne married her boyfriend and now husband Van Montgomery Steve Howeya dim-witted but well-meaning football player.

Van moves in with them, after his own parents kicked him out for standing by Cheyenne.

Van comes to view Reba as a surrogate parent something Reba is very comfortable with. Reba's other two children are Kyra Scarlett Pomersan intelligent and rebellious teenager who shares Reba's sarcastic streak, and Jake Mitch Hollemana young boy just trying to sort through the mess of his family.

Since the fifth season, Van and Reba have been real estate partners. Reba is a single mom who struggles with taking care of everyone in her house after her husband divorces her for his dental hygienist. She is temperamental and prone to sarcastic remarks.

But Reba can also be kind and caring, and is usually the sensible one. In the first two seasons she worked as a secretary for her ex-husband's dental rival, Eugene. Later on in the series she becomes a real estate agent.

Christopher Rich as Brock Enroll Hart. Reba's ex-husband, a dentist and golfer, who leaves her for his much younger, pregnant, dental hygienist, Barbra Jean. He is vain, addicted to tanning, and tries to convince everyone that he is still young. Brock sometimes shows regret for his divorce from Reba because of all the chaos it caused for his children.

His marriage with Barbra Jean is rocky, due to his selfishness and impetuousness, but he is in love with her.

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His name is a play on "rock and roll. Brock and Reba's oldest daughter, who initially is looking forward to her senior year of high school before learning that she is pregnant. She marries her boyfriend, Van Montgomery, who moves barbara jean reba a-t-elle perdu du poids Reba's house after his parents disown him.

Cheyenne gives birth to their daughter, Elizabeth, after going into labor on graduation day. She can be somewhat air-headed and self-centered, but she can also be thoughtful and kind-hearted.

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She is very sensitive, especially when she is insulted mainly by Kyra, her younger sister. Her work ethic and sense of responsibility improves as she raises her daughter and studies dentistry in college. Cheyenne also begins volunteering at a homeless shelter, improving her shallowness greatly. When she comes to the realization that she is an alcoholic, she's inspired to discontinue doing dentistry for her major, and, instead of that, decides to study counseling for those affected by alcohol and drugs.

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She is truly her mother's daughter and cares greatly for her entire family. Steve Howey as Van Montgomery.

The star cornerback of his high school's football team, Van was kicked out of the house when his parents found out that he planned to marry his pregnant girlfriend, Cheyenne. He consequently moves in with Cheyenne at Reba's house, and his future in professional sports looks bright until an injury to his tailbone reveals that he has narrowing of the spine.

He works to recover his life after the loss of his football dream, and he eventually becomes a successful realtor in a barbara jean reba a-t-elle perdu du poids with Reba. Van is portrayed as a big goof and is not good with words, especially when it comes to Cheyenne. Kyra especially loves making fun of him. He is a great father to his daughter, Elizabeth. He is also bonding with Jake since he wanted to be a big brother to Jake.

He cares deeply for his in-laws, especially Reba, for taking him in and caring for him in his darkest hours. His relationship with his parents remains strained throughout the series, and they never truly make up.

Scarlett Pomers as Kyra Eleanor Hart. The middle child, Kyra has the fewest emotional issues of the family. Many of her traits and looks barbara jean reba a-t-elle perdu du poids from Reba, including her sharp wit and knack for sarcasm, although she's known to be more manipulative and difficult. Kyra has a constant need for this because while she would like to live the life of a normal teenager, Reba, Brock, and Barbara Jean, constantly saddle her with adult responsibilities like watching the two babies and severely meddle in her social life.

Therefore, she always feels that she's being punished for the bad choices of the dim-witted Cheyenne and Van. In the final season, she decided not to go to college and to focus on her music. Kyra also likes teasing Van, annoying Cheyenne and bullying Jake.

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During season 5, she appeared in only two episodes toward the beginning of the season, due to Pomers' real-life battle with anorexia. She returned at the beginning of Season 6.

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The youngest of the Hart children, Jake is often teased by his sister Kyra. In the earlier seasons, Jake sometimes is only seen for one scene where he would crack a joke or just mention something that involves the current topic.

Jake is pretty oblivious of what goes on around him and has a habit of saying the first thing that comes minceur pendant que vous dormez his mind without thinking. He acts like a normal boy for his age, although in earlier seasons he displays feminine characteristics that worry his father, Brock.

Barbra Jean, also known by her initials "BJ", was Brock's dental hygienist and had an affair with him as his marriage to Reba was deteriorating. She gets pregnant even though Brock and Reba were not divorced yet.

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Her comically religious behavior was phased out over the course of the first season. Barbra Jean is more intelligent than Van, but is more oblivious than Jake and is often an easy target for Reba's sarcasm.

While noisy and annoying, she is a kind-hearted person with good intentions. Her tendency to tell "over-the-top" tales results in her sharing many random and often bizarre facts about her childhood and past.

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The most that can be understood is that she was born in Friendly, Texas, and was known as "the biggest baby in Juno County. Brock is afraid of both Buzzard and Big Daddy because he knows they don't like him.

She also claims to have an aunt who spits professionally.

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In the last season, she lost a considerable amount of weight and became a weather girl stage name "Stormy Clearweather" with a public-access television cable station. Her meteorological expertise came from the fact that her "butt-rometer" could accurately predict rain ever since she was struck by lightning in her Be-dazzler-studded backside in In the last episode, she traded up to her station's roving news reporter, calling her segment "Babs Janson: Street Walker.

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Elizabeth is the daughter of Van and Cheyenne. Elizabeth rarely speaks although in the ninth episode in Season 5 she said her first linebut will sometimes be shown in a family member's arm or running around.

Le 31 janvierle renouvellement de la série pour une quatrième saison est annoncé par la chaîne avant la fin de la diffusion de la troisième [23].

She's a happy child who is often shown giggling. In the second season episode "And The Grammy Goes to He sometimes displays bad behavior, which leads Reba to believe that Barbra Jean is a bad parent.