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Early life[ edit ] According to his wife, Adam wanted to wrestle from the age of A school drop-out, Leppan ran away from home when he was 14, then spent two years living on the streets and in abandoned buildings.

adam wyatt perte de poids

Leppan later described that he had been "spiraling out of control" during that period, which was full adam wyatt perte de poids violence and alcohol, and only the thought of becoming a wrestler had helped him escape. Leppan also said that he had rejected being part of a family despite having loving parents.

Leppan's mother later successfully managed to entice Leppan to return home to Johannesburg from Durban with the prospect of beginning wrestling classes.

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At the television tapings on adam wyatt perte de poids June, Kruger lost to Gabriel, before defeating him in a rematch on 1 July. Kruger's final match in was at the television tapings on 23 September, when he lost to Bo Rotundo.

adam wyatt perte de poids

Rose wrestled his first Raw match on the 26 May episode of Raw in a winning effort against Damien Sandow. During the match Swagger and Colter interfered, holding one of Rose's party members hostage. Rose saved his friend after winning the match despite the distraction.

adam wyatt perte de poids

In response, Rose allowed The Bunny to submit to Tyson Kidd during an "inter-species" match, rather than saving him when Kidd placed him in the sharpshooter. The Bunny won the match but Rose was clearly displeased.

adam wyatt perte de poids

He next feuded with the returning Zack Ryderwith the pair exchanging victories and using Twitter to insult one another, with even William Shatner whom Rose called "Dad" joining in. A week later, Rosa cost Fandango a match with Rose, and became Rose's valet instead after a kiss.

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  • Lors de Battlegroundil perd face à Chris Jericho [56].
  • Il dispute son premier combat lors d'un live event de NXT en Floride le 19 décembre face à Chad Gablecombat qu'il remporte [5].
  • Adam est apparu dans les publicités de nombreuses marques, y compris Smirnoff et Volkswagen.
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On 14 May Rose informed his Rosebuds that the party was "officially over", at this point completely ending his "Party animal" gimmick. Various storylines and departure — [ edit ] On 22 June episode of Raw, Rose's gimmick was slightly altered to a pompous artiste, exclaiming that the WWE Universe had no idea of true art or passion, hyping up the reveal of his "masterpiece" in the process.

adam wyatt perte de poids

Rose re-emerged on 29 August episode of Main Eventsporting generic black boots and tights, a plain grey shirt, glasses, and an altered gimmick again.

Though he eventually submitted to Jack Swagger, he declared in a pre-match promo his intentions to "poop on everybody's party".

adam wyatt perte de poids

On 5 October episode of Raw, Rose shared a "cryptic message", saying, "All I wanted to do was put smiles on little children's faces. Well, poop. Leppan wrote that WWE had known he had the prescription for over a year.

Independent circuit — [ edit ].